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Happy to announce that Novatica Technologies Ltd in collaboration with the University of Chester has won a £285,000 Innovate UK/BBSRC grant to develop alternative proteins. This partnership marks a significant step toward fostering cutting-edge research, knowledge exchange, and real-world impact. 



Great news! Thrilled to announce that Novatica Technologies has won a £50,000 Innovate UK Transformative Technologies grant on a collaborative project with the University of ChesterLoughborough UniversityNoWFOOD and SPG Innovation Ltd. This grant empowers us to amplify our efforts in bringing natural polyphenols to the market.

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The Phenolexa H2020 CBE project is well on its way to developing biorefinery technologies to turn various agri-food residues into valuable polyphenols and happy to present the project's video. The Novatica's team is grateful to all the partners for the fruitful collaboration. 

ICPH conference picture.png


Novatica' team was delighted to attend the 10th International Conference on Polyphenols and Health (ICPH) on 20 – 23 April 2022 in London. It was great to meet professionals and academics working in the field of polyphenols, food science and health, as well as to share our first results from PHENOLEXA H2020 BBI JU project. Great interest in natural polyphenols indicates that we are on the right track to bringing them to the market.

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Many thanks to Celabor's team for hosting us at their R&D and manufacturing site near Verviers, Belgium. We were very much impressed with Celabor's diverse expertise, strong team of professionals, and state-of-the-art facilities. Celabor are experts in green extraction&separation technologies and bio-based materials& ingredients. In the Phenolexa BBI JU project, we partner with Celabor in the development of benign biorefinery. 

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Chicory is a versatile crop that is grown for several products, such as coffee substitute, inulin and witloof lettuce. The increasing production rates lead to a greater amount of chicory agri-food residue. We develop novel biorefinery methods to procure bioactive compounds from chicory leftovers. In this work we partner with the biggest UK producer of witloof - DGM Growers.

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We are delighted to announce that Novatica has secured €460K of H2020 BBI JU funding. We are especially happy and proud because Novatica initiated and coordinated the proposal application which competed with another 44 applications.  We are looking forward to starting the PHENOLEXA project in June 2021 with another 11 EU partners and a total budget of €4.6mln. The project will focus on the development of benign cascade extractive biorefinery for converting agri-food side streams into high-value polyphenolic bioactives.

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We welcome Kash, Holden, Flora and Chinmayi who work with us on PGMs biomineralization and stress-relief remedy development. We look both at experimental process optimisation and commercial product development.



Our MD&Co-Founder Dr Maria Sotenko took part in a webinar on Land Use organised by EPSRC-sponsored Supergen Bioenergy Hub. Maria provided an overview of phytoremediation-biorefinery tandem and discussed opportunities to procure useful products while cleaning up soil from metals. Watch the full version of the webinar here

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Novatica Technologies attended virtual 28th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (e-EUBCE 2020) where great thinkers provided their view on the bioeconomy perspectives in the post-Covid era. The EUBCE is the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific and industrial know-how in the field of biomass and a great place for Novatica to promote our technology on bio-pulping and lignin valorisation.

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Novatica Technologies participated in a webinar on "Immunity through gut: biotics in early life" organised by Danone Nutricia Research to learn about pro-, pre-, post- and synbiotics and their beneficial effects in infants and adults. With the level of stress increasing in our daily life, our gut health deteriorates and the importance of nutraceuticals is growing. Novatica is currently looking into the development of natural remedies for stress-induced gut health problems.


Novatica Technologies participated in BBI JU Info day 2020 looking for collaborations in the area of lignin valorization and the development of educational programs in the sector of bio-based economies.

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