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Research & Development 

Based on our multidisciplinary expertise we develop cutting-edge technologies for applications in Clean Energy&Environment, Health&Wellbeing and Sustainable Economic Growth. We rely on our network of academics and industrial partners both in the UK and internationally. 


We provide solutions for effective innovation management, such as the development & implementation of research ideas, screening and analysis of the state-of-the-art technologies, market,  techno-economic and life cycle analyses of the technologies, products and processes, proposals writing, investors pitch preparation, business, communication and exploitation plan development and project management. 

Teaching & Dissemination

We develop teaching materials (lectures, lab scripts, problem sheets, video and web content), tailored training sessions (laboratories, tutorials, problem classes), organise workshops, webinars and summer schools, panel discussions, outreach events and public lectures. We cover the subjects of biotechnology, circular economy, biorefinery, analytical methods, chemical/reaction engineering, catalyst and reactor design and optimisation, techno-economic assessment and more.

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